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Experience Mexico, outdoors, trekking and climbing with HG Mexico

The best trips trekking and climbing of Pico de Orizaba, Ixtaccihuatl, Nevado de Toluca and more...

Mountain guides in Mexico since 1976.

We are your best choice for exploring the Mexican volcanos. We can serve all levels of mountaineering and give you an enjoyable and unforgettable experience. Our mountain guides have the experience and knowledge of the Mexican volcanos to ensure your safe and successful ascent, our first priorities. We have a growing number of happy and satisfied summiteers..come and enjoy the outdoors with us! In addition, we share our culture and history on all of our

trips...so, “Andale, andale!!”

About Us

We are a group of mountain guides with experience in rescues, trekking, high altitude mountaineering, rock climbing and caving. We have shared our mountaineering experiences with other mountain guides from Mexico, Europe, and the United States, and various professional athletes. Above all, we would like to guide you, share our knowledge with you, and embark on an outdoor adventure



Hiking 4 mountains in 10 days - gradual aclimatization

- Season all year

1. Nevado de Toluca (4640m)

2. Malinche (4430m)

3. Iztaccihuatl (5218m)

4. Pico de Orizaba (5630m - 18,450ft)


Nevado de Toluca crater

Itinerary in 10 days


1 day 

Pick up from Mexico City

Transfer to Nevado de Toluca base camp by car (3600m).

Mexico City

2 Day 

Trkking day Nevado de Toluca (4680m)

Overnight at hotel in Mexico City (2250m)

Nevado de Toluca Mexico

3 day
Transfer at Malinche by car (3080m)
Visit Xochimilco (Aztec boat).



Overnigth: Camp

4 day    

One trekking day in "la Malinche" (4400m)  
Overnight: Camp

Malinche mountain trip trekking

5 day.
Transfer by car to base camp by car (3950m)in the Iztaccihuatl 
Rest day

Overnight: Camp


6 day   
Ascender early on the morning at the hut "Grupo de Los Cien"  Ascender to first summit in  "las Rodillas" (5100m.) and if you feel good go to the principal summit "El Pecho" (5256m.)
Transfer to Cholula (Nice town with pyramids and churches) 2600 m

Overnight: Hotel

Iztaccihuatl mountain guides climbing expedition

7 day
Free day in Cholula , nice town with pyramid (2600m)

Overnight: Hotel

Cholula dancing Mexico


9 day 

Hiking day at Pico de Orizaba (5754m) by the south face,

Overnight: Land hotel.

Citlaltepetl Pico de Orizaba guide service

10 day
Go back to Mexico City, end services


Included in this itinerary are the following:
  • Transportation from the airport or hotel to the mountain and back, including the 4x4 travel at Pico de Orizaba
  • A personal, well-trained and experienced mountain guide
  • Collective safety gear: ropes, carabiners, tends, etc.
    • See “Mountain Equipment” section for the personal gear you’ll need
  • Ascender certificate
  • Base camp lodging (Is this what you mean when you write “base camp”?)
  • Purified water to fill your water bottles
  • All cooking equipment: stoves, dishes and accessories
  • Overnights  in double room, huts or camp at the itinerary.



When you contact us about your expedition please let us know which option you prefer


Without Meals:

In this option, which we highly recommend, you bring your food or we can shop on our way to the mountain (we have supermarkets like WalMart here). This way you can eat what you like and is best for you.


Four mountains 10 days without meals
In Euros
# of people Cost per person
more than 10 Contact us for special pricing
5 - 9 € 990
3-4 € 1070
2 € 1170
€ 1600


Four mountains 10 days without meals
In US dollars
# of people Cost per person
more than 10 Contact us for special pricing
5 - 9 1150
3 - 4 1190
2 1300
1 1790

barrfa cuerda

With Meals:

In this option we supply the food and do all the cooking while at the mountain, any additional meals or food (snacks or meals while traveling) is not included in the pricing below


Four Mountains 10 days with mountains meals (not inlcude restaurant)
in Euro
# of people Cost per person
more than 10 Contact us for special pricing
5 - 9 € 1250
3 - 4 € 1290
2 € 1380
1 € 1770


Four Mountains with mountains meals (not include restaurants)
In US dollars
# of people Contact us for special pricing
more than 10 1250
5 - 9 1390
3 - 4 1450
2 1550
1 1980

barrfa cuerda   


Contact Us:

Whatsapp     +52 55 64413823